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SoSe 14: PG Model UN in Kooperation mit dem Auswärtigen Amt

Peggy Wittke


Course Description

The Model United Nations is an organised game, in which the participants, with the assistance of an authentic simulation, seek to further the work of the United Nations and multinational diplomacy. At the MUN the participants take on the roll of an ambassador from different countries or areas of the United Nations, for example, in the Security Council or in the Commission for Human Rights, and negotiate current problems around the world. In cooperation with many partners, including the Foreign Office and the German Society for the United Nations, and the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Association, the UN experimental game takes place many times during the year.

Course Fee

EUR 18,- for preparation and conference material, as well as catering during the conference

Course Type

Project group

Course Organization

2 preparatory meetings + conference (1 day)

Course Language


Course Registration

Due to large student interest in these events, an application procedure is carried out for every conference. Further information on the upcoming Model EU in the summer semester 2014 will soon be available in the course catalogue of the Law Department.


The course will be held with changing topics in every semester.


Peggy Wittke

Model United Nations / Model European Union

Freie Universität Berlin

Boltzmannstr. 3

14195 Berlin

Phone: (030) 838 547 05

Email: peg@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Homepage: www.fu-berlin.de/mun

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