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SoSe 15: Inter-Institute Master's programmes

Applied Literature Studies

    • Supportive Classes 041bA0.1
    • Exploring your Professional Field 041bA1.1
    • Literature and Media 041bA1.2
    • Management of Literature 041bA1.3
    • Publishing 041bA1.4
    • Literary Expertise 041bA1.5
    • Professional Specialization: Literature and Media 041bA1.6
    • Professional Specialization: Management of Literature 041bA1.7
    • Professional Specialization: Publishing 041bA1.8
    • Written and Oral Communication 041bA2.1
    • Press and Public Relations 041bA2.2
    • Fundamentals of Business Management 041bA2.3
    • Electronic Media 041bA2.4
    • Internship (not graded) 041bA3.1

Subjects A - Z