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SoSe 15: Teacher Education Courses in Bachelor's programmes

Teacher Education Courses for Elementary Schools (LBW-GS)

    • Introduction to general primary education studies 422aA1.3
    • Educational activity in schools 478aA1.1
    • German as a second language / language development 478aA1.2
    • Arabic introductory module A 422aA3.1
    • French introductory module A 422aA3.2
    • Italian introductory module A 422aA3.3
    • Polish introductory module A 422aA3.4
    • Russian introductory module A 422aA3.5
    • Spanish introductory module A 422aA3.6
    • Turkish introductory module A 422aA3.7
    • Introduction to aesthetic education 422aA5.1
    • Fallstudien im internationalen Lernnetzwerk (ABV) 105cA4.4
    • Erstellung eines Businessplans 105cA4.5
    • Grundlagen, Ideen und Business Modelle zur Unternehmensgründung 105cA4.7
    • Event management with sport events as examples 422aA6.1

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