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SoSe 19: Bioinformatics

M.Sc. in Bioinformatics (2019 study regulations)

    • Foundations in Computer Science 0262cA1.1
    • Foundations in Mathematics and Statistics 0262cA1.2
    • Foundations in Bio-Medicine 0262cA1.3
    • Introduction to Focus-Areas 0262cA1.4
    • Complex Systems in Bioinformatics 0262cB1.1
    • Computer-Aided Drug Design 0262cB1.10
    • Current topics in cell-physiology 0262cB1.11
    • Computational Systems Biology 0262cB1.12
    • Complex Systems in Biomedical Applications 0262cB1.2
    • Ethics and Policy Questions 0262cB1.3
    • Research Internship 0262cB1.4
    • Current research topics in Complex Systems 0262cB1.5
    • Advanced Network Analysis 0262cB1.6
    • Human Evolution 0262cB1.7
    • Special aspects of Complex Systems 0262cB1.8
    • Selected topics in Complex Systems 0262cB1.9
    • Network-Based Information Systems 0089cA1.13
    • Distributed Systems 0089cA1.20
    • Advanced Topics in Data Management 0089cA1.29
    • Special aspects of Data Science in the Life Sciences 0262cB2.10
    • Selected topics in Data Science in the Life Sciences 0262cB2.11
    • Current topics in medical genomics 0262cB2.12
    • Machine Learning in Bioinformatics 0262cB2.13
    • Advanced Biometrical Methods 0262cB2.18
    • Applied Machine Learning in Bioinformatics 0262cB2.19
    • Medical Bioinformatics 0262cB2.4
    • Current research topics in Data Science in Life Sciences 0262cB2.5
    • Machine Learning in Bioinformatics 0262cB2.6
    • Big Data Analysis in Bioinformatics 0262cB2.7
    • Complex Data Analysis in Physiology 0262cB2.8
    • Methodology for clinical trials 0262cB2.9
    • Data Science in the Life Sciences 0590aB2.1
    • Advanced Analysis 0089cA2.1
    • Advanced Algorithms for Bioinformatics 0262cB3.1
    • Applied Sequence Analysis 0262cB3.10
    • Environmental metagenomics 0262cB3.11
    • Current topics in structural bioinformatics 0262cB3.15
    • Methods in Life Sciences 0262cB3.2
    • Biodiversity and Evolution 0262cB3.5
    • Structural Bioinformatics 0262cB3.6
    • Current research topics in Advanced Algorithms 0262cB3.7
    • Selected topics in Advanced Algorithms 0262cB3.8
    • Special aspects of Advanced Algorithms 0262cB3.9
    • Accompanying colloquium 0262cE1.2

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