UP4001c Graduate Course

WiSe 12/13: Transformation in international development cooperation

Tatjana Chahoud

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The objective of the seminar is to identify the ongoing transformation process in international development cooperation, i.e. the diversification of actors, the changing goals and interests as well as the new coalitions and arrangements. The analysis of these changes in a multipolar world includes three parts:i) theoretical and conceptional approaches, ii) major issues in international development and iii) international development actors. The theoretical part will be multi-disciplinary in nature and will provide an overview about main theoretical approaches to development in the post-second World War era, the current discourse in international/global political economy, the shift towards more institutional/agency-oriented and post-development perspectives, including sustainable development and green economy concepts. During the following part the focus will be on selected issues in international development, such as poverty, the changing perspectives on environment and development and democracy/good governance. Finally, the seminar will discuss the recent approaches and activities of the various actors in international development, i.e. international institutions (IMF/World Bank), OECD/DAC donors, Emerging Powers (e.g. China, India, BRICS), Multinational Enterprises and Civil Society Organizations. close

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