HU53090 Graduate Course

WiSe 12/13: Movements and Concepts in the New Left

Wanda Vrasti

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The discontents voiced by Greek protesters, Spanish Indignados, and Occupiers around the world respond to a larger crisis of modernity dating back at least to 1968. Over the past half century the anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian (anti-statist) ethos of the New Left was successively refined and adapted by anarchists, autonomists, feminists, radical ecologists, anti-colonial theorists and activists. Some of these argue that modern mass forms of social organization are in crisis. Others call for or announce the collapse of modern industrial society in favor of more sustainable and just arrangements. This seminar provides a survey of these ideas and their application for social movements and alternative economic and social projects. It includes weeks on anarchism, autonomism, the anti-nuclear direct action movement, de-growth, deep ecology and de-globalization perspectives. These are interspersed with background readings on Fordist capital, state socialism, and the latest challenges presented by neoliberal capital, on the one hand, and Marxist critiques of New Left thinking, on the other. close

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