HU53084 Graduate Course

WiSe 12/13: Advanced Quantitative Methods: Cross-Sectional Data Analysis

Martin Kroh


The course provides an introduction to the analysis of quantitative, cross-sectional data using STATA. First, we will discuss how to quantify not directly observable attributes of units of analysis, such as the level of corruption of countries and the level of extraversion in individuals. We thereby draw on methods from (psychological) test theory and item response theory. Second, the course reviews regression modelling of metric but also categorical outcome variables. Emphasis will be given to the identification of causal effects in non-experimental data, considering also the instrumental variables approach. The course incorporates applied analyses of example data files (hands-on sessions) using STATA and builds on regular exercises throughout the semester. It is open to members of the BGSS and master students (course in The course will be held in English (except only native German-speakers attend). close

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