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WiSe 12/13: Institute of Art History

Art History (Concentration: East Asian Art History)

    • Introductory module East Asia: Working Methods in Art History 293bA1.1
    • Introductory module East Asia: Art and Material Culture 293bA1.2
    • Introductory module East Asia: Main Features of East Asian Art History 293bA1.3
    • Advanced module East Asia: Neolithic to Modern Period 293bB1.1
    • Advanced module East Asia: Modern to Contemporary Period 293bB1.2
    • Introductory module Europe and America: Architecture 114cA1.2
    • Advanced module Europe and America: the Medieval Period 114cB1.1
    • Advanced module Europe and America: Modern Period 114cB1.2
    • Advanced module Europe and America: Modern and Contemporary Period 114cB1.3
    • Cross-cutting advanced module: Practice-related studies 114cB2.1
    • Cross-cutting advanced module: Theory and Methods 114cB2.2
    • Introductory module African Visual Cultures 375bA1.2
    • Introductory Module: History of African Art and its Changing Function 375bA1.3
    • Advanced module Africa: Eras and Categories 375bB1.1
    • Advanced module Africa: Regional and Thematic Specialisation 375bB1.2
    • Specialisation module East Asia 293bC1.1
    • Specialisation module East Asia with mentoring qualification 293bC1.2

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