40100 Seminar

WiSe 14/15: Self-Confidence Lab

Brigitte Reysen-Kostudis

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Registration via e-mail required: reysen@zedat.fu-berlin.de


Self-confidence is important in almost every aspect of life, yet so many people are struggling to find it. This can be a vicious circle: People with low self-esteem often avoid challenging situations being afraid of negative feedback or failure. So they miss the chance of being successful and gaining more self-confidence. However, the good news is that self-confidence can be learned and build on.

In this workshop we will talk about situations at university or elsewhere you find difficult to negotiate. We will analyze these situations and try to find appropriate solutions for adequate reactions. In exercises to explore yourself you will learn how to appreciate your strengths and cope with weaknesses, adjust unrealistic expectations and set aside perfectionism. Schließen

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Fr, 21.11.2014 16:00 - 20:00

Studierenden-Service-Center, Iltisstr. 4, Raum 005

Sa, 22.11.2014 10:00 - 16:00

Studierenden-Service-Center, Iltisstr. 4, Raum 005

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