WiSe 14/15  
Philosophy and ...  

WiSe 14/15: Inter-Institute Master's programmes


    • Structures of Romance Languages 285aA1.1
    • Structures of Germanic Languages 285aA1.2
    • History and Variation (Romance Languages) 285aA1.3
    • History and Variation (Germanic Languages) 285aA1.4
    • Linguistic Theory 285aA1.5
    • European Language and Communication Areas 285aA1.6
    • Master Colloquium 285aA1.7
    • Language Practice - Dutch IV 074bA1.4
    • French Master Module (Concentration Language) 284aA2.2
    • Italian Master Modul (Concentration Language) 284aA2.4
    • Spanish Master Modul (Concentration Language) 284aA2.6
    • Language Competency 1st Foreign Language English: Oral Skills and Writing Skills 1 285aA2.10
    • Latin 285aA2.31
    • Catalan Foundation Module 1 285aA2.32
    • Galician Foundation Module 1 285aA2.33

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