WiSe 15/16  
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60 cp Philosoph...  

WiSe 15/16: Institute of Philosophy

60 cp Philosophy (study regulations in effect as of winter semester 07/08)

    • Introductory Module: Philosophical Argumentation 044cA1.1
    • Introductory Module: Scholarly Competencies and Techniques 044cA1.2
    • Introductory Module: Essential Questions of Philosophy 044cA2.1
    • Introductory Module: History of Philosophy 044cA2.2
    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy 044cA2.3
    • Introductory Module: Introduction to Practical Philosophy 044cA2.4
    • Advanced Module: Epistemology and Philosophy of Science 044cB1.1
    • Advanced Module: Philosophy of Language and Hermeneutics 044cB1.2
    • Advanced Module: Metaphysics and Ontology 044cB1.3
    • Advanced Module: Ethics 044cB1.4
    • Advanced Module: Political/Social Philosophy and Anthropology 044cB1.5
    • Advanced Module: Aesthetics 044cB1.6

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