WiSe 16/17  
Earth Sciences  
Geography with ...  

WiSe 16/17: Geography

Geography with major in geographical development research

  • Development Cooperation and Practice

    • 24609e3 Colloquium
      Projekt II -Forschungskolloquium (Hermann Kreutzmann)
      Schedule: Di 14:00-16:00 (Class starts on: 2016-10-18)
      Location: G 205 (Malteserstr. 74-100 G)
    • Geographical Practice for Advanced Students 0019aA1.1
    • Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems for advanced students 0019aA1.2
    • Human-Environment Relations 0019aA1.3
    • Introduction to Geographical Development Research 0019aA2.1
    • Regional Studies - Geography of South and Central Asia 0019aA2.2
    • Project I - Empirical Development Research 0019aA2.3
    • Professional Internship 0019aA2.4
    • Decentralisation and Regional Development 0019aA2.5
    • Development Practice and Methods of Regional Planning 0019aA2.6

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