216404a Seminar

WiSe 17/18: Seminar on Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry / Proteomic Analysis - Seminar zur Bioanalytischen Massenspektrometrie / Proteomanalyse

Christoph Weise

Information for students

Tombola: Mon., 16.10.17, 9:00; lecture hall Biochemie (Lise-Meitner-Hörsaal), Thielallee 63
ATTENTION: students can not enroll themselves for this module in CM. The enrollment will be organised by the student's office after the tombola. close

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Seminar and practical course (216404a and b) can be selected:
  • in the main study period (5 SWS);
  • in the biochemistry master's method module "special methods of molecular biology (5 LP)".

The seminar 216404a can be selected in the module "special aspects of molecular biology" in combination with another seminar. close



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