WiSe 18/19  
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WiSe 18/19: Institute of Arts and Media Management

M.A. in Arts and Media Administration

    • Fundamentals of Cultural and Media Management 0040bA1.1
    • Structural Management: Organization, Management, and Governance of Cultural and Media Institutions 0040bA1.2
    • Financial Management: Financing, Budgeting, Controlling of Cultural Activities 0040bA1.3
    • Marketing and Technology in the Realm of Culture and the Media 0040bA1.4
    • Communication in the Realm of Culture and the Media 0040bA1.5
    • Law within the Context of Cultural and Media Processes 0040bA1.6
    • Theory and History of Culture and the Media 0040bA1.7
    • Cultural and Media Practice 0040bA1.8

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