205280 Vorlesung

SoSe 13: Observational astrophysics

Szillard Csizmadia

Hinweise für Studierende

eligible lecture of the module "Advanced Astronomy and Astrophysics" (Physics / Master). Open also for all students withinterest in astronomy and astrophysics.

Zusätzl. Angaben / Voraussetzungen

Basic knowledge in Physics and Mathematics. Knowledge of the physics / B.Sc. Module "Einführung in die Astronomie und Astrophysik" advised.


Basic observational astrometry: photometry, spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, polarimetry, etc. Astronomical constants. Astronomical objects at different wavelengths from X-ray to radio. Data reduction methods and available software tools. Determination of stellar and planetary parameters. Binary and exoplanetary modelling tools and softwares. Stellar clusters and cluster memberships. Usage of stellar evolutionary models in stellar parameter determination. Binary stars and pulsating variables as tools to measure stellar/cosmological distances. Schließen

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