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SoSe 13: Institute of Philosophy

Core subject Philosophy (study regulations in effect as of winter semester 15/16)

    • 5CP-IM Philosophical Argumentation 1 044eA1.1
    • 5CP-IM Philosophical Argumentation 2 044eA1.2
    • 10CP-IM Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy and Philosophical Writing 044eA1.3
    • 10CP-IM Introduction to Practical Philosophy and the Interpretation of Central Classical Works 044eA1.4
    • 10CP-AM Theoretical Philosophy 044eB1.1
    • 10CP-AM Practical Philosophy 044eB1.2
    • 10CP-AM Oral Competence in Philosophy 044eB1.3
    • 10CP-AM Specialised focus on Philosophy 044eB1.4
    • 10CP-AM Preparation for the Bachelor's Thesis 044eB1.5
    • AM Sinnentwürfe und Lebensformen 044eB1.6
    • AM Projektarbeit 044eB1.7

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