SoSe 14  
Master Social, ...  

SoSe 14: Psychologie

Master Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) (369c, ab WS 15/16)

    • Statistical Methods 369cA1.1
    • Research Experience 369cA1.10
    • Neurocognitive Methods and Programming 369cA1.2
    • Developmental/Evolutionary Neuroscience 369cA1.3
    • Affective and Social Neuroscience 369cA1.4
    • Clinical SCAN 369cA1.5
    • Cognitive Neuroscience A 369cA1.6
    • Cognitive Neuroscience B 369cA1.7
    • Neurocognitive Methods Practical 369cA1.8
    • Research Workshop 369cA1.9
    • Kolloquium Masterarbeit 369cE1.2

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