205460 Lecture

SoSe 14: Interstellar Medium (ISM)

Robert C. Tautz

Information for students

Basic knowledge in Physics and Mathematics. Knowledge of the physics / B.Sc. Module "Einführung in die Astronomie und Astrophysik" advised.

Additional information / Pre-requisites

eligible lecture of the module "Advanced Astronomy and Astrophysics" (Physics / Master). Open also for all students withinterest in astronomy and astrophysics.


The neutral interstellar gas: the 21-cm line and molecular lines; The ionized interstellar gas: HII regions, X-ray emission; Interstellar medium at high energies: Cosmic rays, gamma-ray emission; Interstellar dust: reddening and extinction, dust emission; Heating and cooling processes: general processes, thermal equilibrium; Shocks and supernova remnants: particle acceleration, turbulence; Stability and star formation: virial theorem, initial mass function; (Magneto-)Hydrodynamics: basic mathematical approaches; Outlook: numerical simulations: grid codes, smoothed-particle HD close

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