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SoSe 14: Studies in Ancient Civilisations

Ancient Near Eastern Languages and History (2007 study regulations)

    • Introductory Module: Ancient Near Eastern Languages and History 271aA2.1
    • LM Alternative Ancient Oriental Language 271aA2.11
    • Cultural Historical Module I - History 271aA2.12
    • KM II - The Economy and Society 271aA2.13
    • Cultural Historical Module III - Literature 271aA2.14
    • Cultural Historical Module IV - Religions 271aA2.15
    • Basic Module: Hittite 271aA2.18
    • Grundmodul Sumerisch 271aA2.19
    • Basic Module: Alternative Language 271aA2.20
    • LM Akkadian I: Historic-Literary Texts 271aA2.6
    • LM Akkadian III: Mythological & Religious Texts 271aA2.8
    • Special Fields of Interest in Archaeology of the Ancient Near East 274aA2.5

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