23417b Seminar

SoSe 15: S Pflanzen Biotechnologie und Gentechnik

Reinhard Kunze

Information for students

zusätzlich 4 Plätze für Biochemiker (Englisch, Niveau B2+)

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Blockveranstaltung nach Vereinbarung Vorbespr.: 13.4., 17.00 Uhr Seminarraum 105, Albrecht Thaer Weg 6 / Altbau


The seminar focuses on current topics in plant biotechnology. The students will independently devise a research project in the field of molecular plant biotechnology. They learn how to prepare a grant application. Inspired by the topics of the accompanying lecture, the participants will develop a research program and write a virtual proposal following the guidelines of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The participants will present their research projects and will defend them in a controversial discussion with the other attendees who act as the reviewers of the proposal. close

Suggested reading

- Plants, Genes, and Crop Biotechnology (2003), Chrispeels &Sadava (Herausgeber), ASPB Jones and Bartlett Publishers, ISBN 0-7637-1586-7

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