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SoSe 16: Institute of German and Dutch Languages and Literatures

60 cp German Language and Literature (study regulations in effect as of winter semester 07/08)

    • Introduction to Modern German Linguistics 0033cA1.1
    • Introduction to Medieval German Literature and Language 0033cA2.2
    • Introduction to Linguistics 0033cA3.2
    • Genre-Specific Text Analysis 0033cB1.1
    • Advanced Module: Medieval German Literature and Language 0033cB2.1
    • Language Structure and Language Use 0033cB3.2
    • Literature of the 16th - 18th Century 0033cC1.1
    • Literature of the 19th - 21st Century 0033cC1.2
    • Literary and Cultural Theory 0033cC1.3
    • German Literature from its Beginnings to the 13th Century 0033cC2.1
    • German Literature from the 13th to the 16th Century 0033cC2.2
    • Literary and Cultural Theory in Medieval Studies 0033cC2.3
    • Grammar 0033cC3.1
    • Semantics 0033cC3.2
    • Pragmatics 0033cC3.3
    • History of Language 0033cC3.4

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