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SoSe 16: Institute of Comparative Literature

Core subject General and Comparative Literature (2007/08 study regulations)

    • Introduction to Comparative Literature 0077bA1.1
    • Applied Literary Studies 0077bA1.2
    • Introductory Module: Comparative Literary History 0077bA1.3
    • Advanced Module: Poetics/Rhetoric/Literary Theory 0077bB1.1
    • "Advanced Module: Interdisciplinary Literature " 0077bB2.1
    • Comparative Literary History of Motifs and Themes 0077bB2.2
    • Specialization Module: Poetics/Aesthetics/Literary Theory 0077bC1.1
    • "Specialization Module: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature and Culture " 0077bC2.1
    • Specialization Module: Comparative Literary History 0077bC2.2

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