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SoSe 16: Geology

Master's programme in Geological Sciences (2009 study regulations)

  • Module A001: Geoscience Topics

  • B001: Geochemistry of Radiogenic Isotopes

    • 24111a Advanced Lecture Course
      Geochemie radiogener Isotope (Harry Becker)
      Schedule: Mi 09:00-10:30 (Class starts on: 2016-04-20)
      Location: B 029 Seminarraum Geologie (Malteserstr. 74-100 B)
    • 24111b Practice seminar
      Geochemie radiogener Isotope (Harry Becker)
      Schedule: Do 09:00-10:30 (Class starts on: 2016-04-21)
      Location: B 029 Seminarraum Geologie (Malteserstr. 74-100 B)
    • A002:Spezielle Themen in den Geologischen Wissenschaften 0106bA1.2
    • B002: Geochemistry of Stable Isotopes 0106bA2.2
    • B009: Data, Interpretation and Modelling in Geochemistry 0106bA2.3
    • C001: Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins 0106bA3.1
    • Geology of Europe 0106bA3.2
    • D001: Earthquakes and the Earth's Structure 0106bA4.1
    • D003: Physics of the Earth II (Ice ages as a geodynamic tool) 0106bA4.2
    • E003: Applied Hydrology I 0106bA5.1
    • E004: Applied Hydrology II 0106bA5.2
    • F001: Petrology I (phase petrology, thermodynamics) 0106bA6.1
    • F002: Petrology II (kinetics of mineral reactions) 0106bA6.2
    • F003: Petrology III (Special petrology) 0106bA6.3
    • F004: Geoscientific Materials Research 0106bA6.4
    • F008: Numerical Methods of Geomaterials Research 0106bA6.5
    • G001:Ecosystem Dynamics in the Phanerozoic 0106bA7.1
    • G005: Facies Interpretation 0106bA7.2
    • H001: Planetology I (creation and development of the solar system) 0106bA8.1
    • H002: Planetology II (terrestrial planets) 0106bA8.2
    • B010: Geochemical and Petrological Processes 0106bB1.10
    • B011: Special Topics in Geochemistry 0106bB1.11
    • B003: Geochronology 0106bB1.3
    • B004: Laboratory Methods in Geochemistry and Hydrogeochemistry 0106bB1.4
    • B005: Introduction to Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry 0106bB1.5
    • B006: Cycles of Matter and Environmental Problems 0106bB1.6
    • B007: Climate and Atmosphere 0106bB1.7
    • B008/H014: Meteorites and Formation of Planets 0106bB1.8
    • C012: Special Topics in Geology 0106bB2.10
    • C013: Sedimentary Petrography and Microfacies 0106bB2.11
    • C002: Practice of Geology 0106bB2.2
    • C003: Field work for MSc students 0106bB2.3
    • C004: Geological Mapping for advanced students 0106bB2.4
    • C005: Fabric and Rheology of Geological Materials 0106bB2.5
    • C006: Geodynamics 0106bB2.6
    • C009: Advanced Tectonic Topics 0106bB2.7
    • C010: Field work for advanced students 0106bB2.8
    • C011: Palaeo-oceanography, Palaeoclimatology and Biogeochemistry 0106bB2.9
    • D010: Electromagnetic Deep Sounding 0106bB3.10
    • D011: Mathematical Principles for Geophysics 0106bB3.11
    • D012: Applied Seismology I 0106bB3.12
    • D013: Special Topics in Geophysics 0106bB3.13
    • D001: Physics of the Earth I (Geodynamics) 0106bB3.2
    • D004: Physics of the Earth III (Figure, Gravitational Field and Magnetic Field)/H012 Planetary Physics (Figure, Gravitational Field and Magnetic Field) 0106bB3.4
    • D005: Physics of the Earth IV (Numerical methods in Geophysics) 0106bB3.5
    • D006: Seismology I (Rock Physics of Sediments) 0106bB3.6
    • D007: Seismology II (Theory of Seismic Waves 0106bB3.7
    • D008: Seismology III (Seismic Imaging Methods) 0106bB3.8
    • D009: Seismology IV (Modelling Wave Propagation) 0106bB3.9
    • Experimental Physics 3 0182aA1.3
    • Experimental Physics 4 0182aA1.4
    • Theoretical Physics 1 0182aA2.1
    • Theoretical Physics 2 0182aA2.2
    • Theoretical Physics 3 0182aA2.3
    • Theoretical Physics 4 0182aA2.4
    • E001: Instruction in Independent Scientific Work 0106bB4.1
    • E010: Subject Area Seminar in Geochemistry, Hydrogeology and Mineralogy 0106bB4.10
    • E002: Practical Hydrogeology 0106bB4.2
    • E005: Applied Hydrogeology III 0106bB4.5
    • E006: Modelling in Hydrogeology 0106bB4.6
    • E007: Regional Hydrogeology 0106bB4.7
    • E009: Special Topics in Hydrogeology 0106bB4.9
    • F010: Mineralogy Laboratory Practical 0106bB5.10
    • F011: Special Topics in Geomaterials Research 0106bB5.11
    • F012: Field work in Mineralogy/Petrography 0106bB5.12
    • F005: Introduction to Electron Beam Microanalysis 0106bB5.5
    • F006: Introduction to X-ray Diffractometry 0106bB5.6
    • F007: Fluid-Rock Interaction 0106bB5.7
    • F009: Analysis of Stable Isotopes using Gas Source Mass Spectrometry 0106bB5.9
    • G002:Modern Ecosystems 0106bB6.2
    • G003: Palaeobiology of Invertebrates 0106bB6.3
    • G006: Special Topics in Palaeontology 0106bB6.5
    • G007: Palaeobotany 0106bB6.6
    • G008: Phylogenesis of Invertebrates 0106bB6.7
    • H010: Special Topics in Planetology 0106bB7.10
    • H011: Working methods in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 0106bB7.11
    • H013: Impact Structures on Land 0106bB7.13
    • H003: Planetology III (Gas Planets and Moons) 0106bB7.3
    • H004: Special Impact Research 0106bB7.4
    • H005: Introduction to Impact Geology 0106bB7.5
    • H006: Methods of Planetary Exploration I 0106bB7.6
    • H007: Methods of Planetary Exploration II 0106bB7.7
    • H008: Methods of Planetary Mapping and GIS 0106bB7.8
    • H009: Planetary Spectroscopy 0106bB7.9
    • Masterseminar 0106bE1.2

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