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SoSe 16: Geography

Geographic development research

    • Principles of geographical development research 0494aA1.1
    • Human-Environment Relations 0494aA1.2
    • Strategies and instruments of development policy I - economic and ecological dimensions 0494aA1.3
    • Strategies and instruments of development policy II - political, institutional and social dimensions 0494aA1.4
    • Regional studies - regional geography of South and Central Asia 0494aA1.5
    • Geographic information processing for development research 0494aA1.6
    • Project Management 0494aA1.7
    • Project I - Empirical Development Research 0494aA2.1
    • Project II - development research and development practice 0494aA2.2
    • Professional Geographical Practice 0494aA2.3
    • Master’s colloquium 0494aE1.2

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