19315733 Professional Internship

SoSe 17: Job Internship Computer Science

Volker Roth

Additional information / Pre-requisites

at least six weeks (240 hours) outside the university



Internships play an important role in the course of study in computer science and offer a perspective on possible future job opportunities for our students. The purpose of the internship is to get to know everyday life on the job and to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the studies in practice.

The classes that accompany the internship offer an opportunity for intense preparation and reflection. Students learn about the job market and about the application process and can share their practical experiences.

Additionally, students learn to appreciate the soft skills necessary on the job, and to evaluate the relationship between a university education and on-the-job requirements.


Suggested reading

Exemplarische Praktikumsberichte sind beim Praktikumsbeauftragten einsehbar.

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