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SoSe 17: Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science

Political Science (2006 study regulations)

  • Aufbaumodul Politische Theorie

    • 15323 Seminar
      Adorno (Bernd Ladwig)
      Schedule: Do 12:00-14:00 (Class starts on: 2017-04-20)
      Location: Do Ihnestr.21/A Hörsaal (Ihnestr. 21), Do Ihnestr.22/G Hörsaal (Ihnestr. 22)
  • Aufbaumodul Politische Systeme

    • (R = Required) Introduction to Political Science 0020bA1.1
    • (P) Methoden I 0020bA1.2
    • (P) Methoden II 0020bA1.3
    • (P) Politische Ideengeschichte 0020bA2.1
    • (P) Moderne Politische Theorie 0020bA2.2
    • (WPF) Rechtliche Grundlagen der Politik 0020bA2.3
    • (WPF) (Internationale) Politische Ökonomie 0020bA2.4
    • (C) Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany 0020bA3.1
    • (P) Vergl. Analyse v. pol. System. u. Pol.feldern 0020bA3.2
    • (WPF) Politische Soziologie 0020bA3.3
    • (WPF) Regionale Politikanalyse 0020bA3.4
    • (P) Theorie, Empirie, Geschichte d. Int. Bezieh. 0020bA4.1
    • (WPF) Internationale Sicherheitspolitik 0020bA4.2
    • (ME) European Integration 0020bA4.3
    • (SM) History of Political Thought 0020bA5.1
    • (Sp) Internationale Sicherheitspolitik 0020bA5.10
    • (SM) European Integration 0020bA5.11
    • (C) Modern Political Theory 0020bA5.2
    • (Sp) Rechtliche Grundlagen der Politik 0020bA5.3
    • (Sp) (Int.) Politische Ökonomie 0020bA5.4
    • (SM) The Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany 0020bA5.5
    • (SM) Comparative Analysis of Political Systems and Policies 0020bA5.6
    • (Sp) Politische Soziologie 0020bA5.7
    • (Sp) Regionale Politikanalyse 0020bA5.8
    • (SM) Theory, Empiricism, History of International Relations 0020bA5.9
    • Advanced Module: International Relations 0020bB1.3
    • Bachelorcolloquium 0020bE1.2

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