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SoSe 17: Geography

Geographical Sciences

    • Introduction to Climatology and Hydrogeography 0100dA1.1
    • Geographies of globalisation 0100dA1.3
    • Introduction to Regional Planning 0100dA1.5
    • Introduction to geographical and scientific methods 0100dA2.1
    • Introduction to Statistics 0100dA2.2
    • Remote sensing and digital image processing 0100dA2.4
    • Theory and practice of methods in human geography 0100dA2.6
    • Geographic Practice 0100dA3.1
    • Special issues in remote sensing 0100dA3.10
    • Integrative analysis of geographical issues 0100dA3.2
    • Regional issues of physical geography 0100dA3.3
    • Regional topics in human geography 0100dA3.4
    • Regional issues of applied geography 0100dA3.5
    • Regional issues of remote sensing 0100dA3.6
    • Special issues of physical geography 0100dA3.7
    • Selected topics in human geography 0100dA3.8
    • Special issues of applied geography 0100dA3.9
    • Research Colloquium 0100dE1.2

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