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SoSe 18: Greening China's and India's Economies - Green and Inclusive?

Kirsten Jörgensen-Ullmann


Both China and India offer interesting perspectives on how rapidly developing countries, which have displayed high economic growth rates over the last decade, deal with environmental pollution and climate change on the one hand and with social inequality on the other hand. Poverty eradication often serves to underpin the need for unconstrained economic growth. As a result, China and India suffer from severe environmental pollution and degradation of natural living conditions. Time and again cities in both countries are forced to issue severe air pollution warnings. During the last few years, both countries have introduced ideas and concepts for an inclusive low carbon development, addressing the need for a more ecologically sound and socially acceptable sustainable development. In the seminar we will first study these ideas and concepts and look at their prominence. Second we will select case studies and explore the way ideas of an inclusive low carbon development are understood and implemented in various national and local contexts in China and India. We will use methods of comparative policy analysis and engage the academic discussions about green and inclusive growth, leapfrogging, co-benefits of climate change and multi-level governance. Schließen

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Dr. Kirsten Jörgensen-Ullmann

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Dr. Kirsten Jörgensen-Ullmann

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Dr. Kirsten Jörgensen-Ullmann

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