23300b S/Ü (Seminar/Practice Seminar)

SoSe 18: S/Ü Current and classic topics in Evolution and Ecology I

Jens Rolff

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Verbindliche Vorbesprechung: 23.04.2018 um 13:0, Seminarraum 2; Da dieser Kurs von den Referaten der Studierenden lebt, funktioniert er nur ab einer Zahl von sieben oder mehr Studierenden.


This course has three Elements:
(1) In the first term students will attend research seminars in the Ecology and Evolution Seminar series of the Institute of Biology. These seminars provide up-to-date insightigs into current topics in Ecology and Evolution. Students have the opportunity to meet the speakers and discuss with them scientific issues. Also, students will learn to write about scientific findings for a lay public.
(2) In the second term, the focus will be first on reading and discussing classic papers in Ecology and Evolution. This will enable students to understand how major ideas have developed, how some findings became influential and how some vanished.
(3)In the final part a group project will be developed to investigate the current state of a classice paper. This will allow to synthesize and analyse the progress in a particular subject area. close

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