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SoSe 18: Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures

French Language and Literature

    • The Teaching of French in Schools (Subject-Related Teaching) 0029bA5.1
    • Advanced Module 1: French 0029eA1.1
    • Advanced Module 2: French 0029eA1.2
    • Advanced Module 3: French 0029eA1.3
    • Specialization Module: French 0029eA1.4
    • Introductory Module Ia: Linguistics (French) 0029eA2.1
    • Introductory Module II: Linguistics (French) 0029eA2.2
    • Advanced Module I: Linguistics (French) 0029eA2.3
    • Advanced Module II: Linguistics (French) 0029eA2.4
    • Introductory Module I: Literature (French) 0029eA3.1
    • Introductory Module II: Literature (French) 0029eA3.2
    • Advanced Module I: Literature (French) 0029eA3.3
    • Advanced Module II: Literature (French) 0029eA3.4
    • Introductory Module Ia: Regional Studies (French) 0029eA4.1

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