24208b On-site Internship

SoSe 19: M.Sc.-Kartierung

Kristina Hippe, Lorenzo Gemignani, Mark Handy, Eline Le Breton, Jan Pleuger

Information for students

Modul MSc-GG008: Seminar (2 SWS) + Geländepraktikum (15 SWS) = 12 LP /StudO 2102: Modul GG012


Goals: Students will conduct independent geological mapping in the field and use this data to construct geological maps and cross sections. This will enable them to reconstruct the geological history of the mapped area and to predict the geometry of subsurface geological structures. They will learn to interpret the data compiled in their maps and sections in a regional geological context and to submit this compilation in the form of a technical report. Contents: Field practical "Introduction to MSc mapping area"; Supervised practical in small groups to familiarize students with challenges in their mapping areas. Field practical"MSc Mapping" involves Individual geological mapping and geological description of an area under the supervision of a member of the geological faculty. close

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