Cancelled 24210c03 Seminar

SoSe 19: ENTFÄLLT: Geologische Berichterstattung zum Geländepaktikum: From accretion to exhumation - a transect of the Alps

Mark Handy

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Modul MSc-GG010 (StudO2017)/GG014 (StudO 2012) Vertiefendes Geländepraktikum (SI (1 SWS) + GP (4 SWS) + SII (1 SWS) = 6 LP)

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Content: Seminar I (Preparatory Seminar)): Preparatory seminar involving oral presentations and discussions of thematic material relevant to the Field Trip. Field Trip: Approximately two-week field trip in a geologically complex area, possibly including small mapping exercise(s). The emphasis will be on examining deep-seated and surface processes (crustal thickening, kinematics of faulting and exhumation, especially of metamorphic units, magmatism, formation of sedimentary basins involving analysis of facies, fossiliferous deposits and provenance). Seminar II (Geological Report): Supervised, yet self-organised production of a geological report on the field trip; Participants will be assigned themes and tasks during the field trip and must deliver these as part of a report submitted together with all participants. close

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