24239b01 Practice seminar

SoSe 19: Extrasolar Planets

Heike Rauer, Alexis Smith

Information for students

Modul MSc-GG039 (StudO 2017) " Spezielle Themen der Planetologie" (V (2 SWS) + Ü (2 SWS) = 6 LP)/ Modul GG011 (StudO2012) : Spezielle Themen der Geologie, V+S = 6LP)


The lecture will give an overview on what we learned about planets, their formation and their evolution from the thousands of planets discovered orbiting stars other than our Sun (exoplanets). We will start by learning about the different methods of exoplanet detection and which planet parameters we can derive from them. We will then address planet formation and migration processes, review what we know about the interior structure of hot gas giants and super-Earth planets and summarize the methods and status of detection of their atmospheres. We finally will discuss whether exoplanets could harbor life and how we could detect it. close

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