216601b Laboratory Course

SoSe 19: Cell biology (advanced course): Signal transduction / Zellbiologisches Praktikum, Signaltransduktion

Christian Hiepen, Petra Knaus


Practical content:
  • Studying BMP/TGFß- induced signal transduction on multiple levels of the signaling cascade
  • Use of biochemical assays which allow to analyze BMP/TGFß signal transduction in a quantitative manner (qRT-PCR, quantitative Western-Blotting)
  • Use of biochemical assays which allow for analysis of BMP/TGFß signal transduction in a kinetic manner. Ligand stimulation, transcription factor translocation events, use of Luciferase-based reporter gene assay, activation of BMP-SMAD target genes
  • Use of biochemical assays which allow to analyze BMP/TGFß signal transduction with spatial resolution, subcellular localization of transcription factors using fluorescence microscopy
  • Using tools/strategies to artificially manipulate signal transduction (small molecule inhibitors targeting receptor-kinase activity, overexpression of tagged proteins of the BMP signal transduction cascade by transient-transfection methodology of overexpression plasmids.
  • Extensive discussion on experimental design, drawbacks and pitfalls when designing an experiment to investigate signal transduction.
  • Extensive discussions on appropriate controls to be implemented into the experimental design.
  • Summary of the experimental results by simulating how to write a primary research paper.

Prof. Dr. P. Knaus: knaus@chemie.fu-berlin.de
Dr. Christian Hiepen: christian.hiepen@fu-berlin.de close

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