216741b Seminar

SoSe 19: Advanced Molecular Virology / Spezielle molekulare Virologie

Annette Mankertz;Joachim Mankertz

Information for students

Seminars 216741a and b must be attended together


This seminar discusses virus examples varying from year to year dependent on the topics presently of interest. Usually we include lectures on
  • Influenza as a paradigm of a zoonotic virus with pandemic potential (One Health)
  • Measles, mumps and rubella, discussing vaccination, global elimination, molecular surveillance and laboratory tests to confirm acute infections
  • Bacteriophages as founders of modern virology and nowadays meeting growing interest due to their medical application
  • New (and old) emerging viruses presenting global threats like Ebola, SARS, Yellow fever and Poxvirus
  • Hepatitis viruses, as taxonomically and evolutionary completely different viruses which all induce the same clinical symptoms
  • Herpesviruses, discussing their ability to infect and to hide in cells of the nervous system

Participants have to present a newly published research paper relating to one of the lectures in a 10 min PowerPoint presentation with subsequent discussion with the participants.

Prof. Dr. A. Mankertz:mankertza@rki.de PD Dr. J. Mankertz: joachim.mankertz@bvl.bund.de close

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