216730 Seminar

SoSe 19: Growth factor signalling interplay with cell mechanics

Christian Hiepen, Petra Knaus, Maria Reichenbach, Sigmar Stricker


Importance of mechanics for tissue regeneration
Cell mechanics in human development, tissue repair and diverse pathologies
Extracellular Matrix (ECM)
Signalling pathways regulating cell mechanics and ECM
Molecules involved in cell mechanics and ECM
Blood vessel biology and importance for fluid shear stress
bone biology and importance for mechanical loading
Tools for cellular force application in-vitro
Tools to study (visualize, quantify) cellular forces in-vitro

Prof. Dr. P. Knaus: knaus@chemie.fu-berlin.de
Prof. Dr. S. Stricker: sigmar.stricker@fu-berlin.de
Dr. Ch.Hiepen: christian.hiepen@fu-berlin.de
Dr. M. Reichenbach: maria.reichenbach@fu-berlin.de

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