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SoSe 19: Teacher Education Courses in Bachelor's programmes

Teacher Education Courses for Elementary Schools (LBW-GS)

    • Module A: Electronic Publishing and Presentation 0105cA2.1
    • Module B: Computer Aided Project Management 0105cA2.2
    • Module C: The Internet: Professional Usage and Presentation 0105cA2.3
    • Module D: Information Literacy 0105cA2.4
    • Module E: Operating Systems and Programming 0105cA2.5
    • Module F: Print Media Design and Layout 0105cA2.6
    • Module G: Electronic Data Analysis and Statistical Methods 0105cA2.7
    • Modul H: Multimedia-Produktion 0105dA2.8
    • Einführung in die Allgemeine Grundschulpädagogik 0422aA1.4
    • Allgemeine Grundschulpädagogik ? Verfassen von wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten 0422aA10.1
    • Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens 0422aA10.2
    • Gender and Diversity: Key Social Categories in the 21st Century 0105cA3.1
    • Gender, Diversity, and Gender Mainstreaming 0105cA3.2
    • Counselling Techniques and Negotiation 0105cA5.1
    • Optimization of Personal Work Processes 0105cA5.2
    • Presentation, Discussion, Moderation 0105cA5.3
    • Gender and Diversity: Key Social Categories in the 21st Century 0105dA3.1
    • Shaping Personal Study and Work Processes 0105dA5.2
    • Introduction to aesthetic education 0422aA5.1
    • Preparing a Business Plan 0105cA4.5
    • Principles, Ideas and Business Models for Launching a Company 0105cA4.7
    • Creating a Business Plan 0105dA4.5
    • Basic Principles, Ideas and Business Models for Starting a Business 0105dA4.7
    • Event management with sport events as examples 0422aA6.1
    • Forschungsmethoden im Kontext von Inklusion 0422aA8.1
    • Wahlmodul: Mathematisches Propädeutikum 0521aA7.8

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