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SoSe 19: Module offering in Gender and Diversity Studies for General Professional Skills in Bachelor's programmes

Gender and Diversity Competencies (General Professional Skills) (as of Winter Semester 2018/19)

  • Gender, Diversity, and Gender Mainstreaming

    • 30341 Seminar with practice
      Gender, Diversity und Gender Mainstreaming (Kris Hochfeld; Katrin Dreier)
      Schedule: Bitte Termindetails beachten: Regelmäßige Termine Fr 10-14h plus Sensibilisierungstraining am 10./11. Mai 2019. (Class starts on: 2019-04-26)
      Location: Bitte Termindetails beachten.
  • Diversity Management

    • 30342 Seminar with practice
      Diversity Management (Andreas Merx; Diana Woltersdorf; Irina Lazarova)
      Schedule: Bitte Termindetails beachten. (Class starts on: 2019-08-30)
      Location: KL 29/208 Übungsraum (Habelschwerdter Allee 45)
  • Gender and Diversity: Projects and Collaboration

  • Gender and Diversity in the International Context

    • 30343 Seminar with practice
      Gender & Diversity in the Intern. Context: Body Images, Sexuality, Reproduction (Ayse Dayi; Kathrin Tietze)
      Schedule: The seminar is composed of seminar sessions throughout the semester and a two day awareness training. The dates for the 2-days-awareness training are: 17./18.05.2019 and 24./25.05.2019. Course language: English. (Class starts on: 2019-04-23)
      Location: All seminar sessions as well as the awareness training(s) will take place in Room 003 in Boltzmannstrasse 1, 14195 Berlin. Exception: On 7th of May, the seminar will take place in L 115 (Seminarzentrum).

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