HU53173 Seminar

SoSe 20: The EU-Turkey Lab

Gökhan Tuncer

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Findet im 14 tägigen Rhythmus statt.


Termine werden in Absprache zwischen dem Lehrenden und den Studierenden vereinbart. EU-Turkey relations are characterized by their particular importance and their uncertain and controversial character for both sides. Conventional approaches discuss the topic as a history of Turkey's EU integration process starting in the 1960s - often using the allegory of a marriage proposal – based on normative standards, utilitaristic considerations or essentialist presumptions. Thereby, the complexity of European-Turkish relations is not taken sufficiently into account. For a critical analysis to overcome the deficiencies as well as misconceptions of conventional approaches both the European integration process and the statehood of Turkey should be historically contextualized. In addition, EU-Turkey relations should be understand and explained in relation to the processes of globalization and regional transformation. In this seminar, EU-Turkey relations will be discussed and analyzed from a holistic perspective. Schließen

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