23205a Seminar

SoSe 20: S Reading and discussing scientific articles in English / Lesen und Diskutieren A

Mirjam Knörnschild, Constance Scharff


Each week, students will read scientific papers (one per week in the first seminars, with numbers increasing over the course of the semester). Students will extract core information from papers, Embedded lectures will provide information e.g. on publication processes, good scientific writing and presentation. In the second part of the semester, each student will present a summary of a paper and lead the discussion.

Students will read and discuss scientific articles written in English on a broad range of topics of Neurobiology, Behaviour and General Biology. The articles will mostly be research papers, but also some reviews or textbook chapters. Students will learn an efficient method to read scientific literature without getting lost in a word-by-word translation. We will discuss aspects of English language use, in particular grammar and vocabulary. Students will be able to present papers in ‘Journalclub-Style’. They will be able to summarize research papers and lead a scientific discussion. At the same time, students will learn about recent research focuses in Neurobiology and Animal Behaviour and about the scientific publication process and literature search. Schließen

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