23304a Lecture

SoSe 20: V Aktuelle Themen der Gewässerökologie: Struktur, Funktion und Dynamik

Rita Adrian, Franz Hölker

Information for students

The students will gain a basic understanding of the physical and biological structure and functioning of aquatic and semi-terrestrial ecosystems including important theoretical concepts of the mechanisms driving aquatic communities and biodiversity. Students shall become able to put those into a general ecosystem and environmental context. close


The lectures will focus on a basic understanding of freshwater ecosystems (i.e. lakes, rivers, wetlands). It will encompass properties with respect to hydrology, nutrient dynamics, plankton ecology, trophic interactions, biodiversity, ecosystem functionality and parasitism in time and space. close

Suggested reading

Lampert, Limnoecology; Wetzel, Limnology; original literature (papers); IGB Dossier Lakes under climate change (https://www.igb-berlin.de/downloads)

Subjects A - Z