216502b Seminar

SoSe 20: Macromolecular (protein-protein, protein-DNA/RNA) interactions

Sutapa Chakrabarti

Information for students

PDFs The number of participant for this semester has been increased to 25 people. Please register yourselves for this module through Campus Management. The participants of 216502a will be automatically registered for this part. A separate registration (email to the lecturer) for the seminar part is not necessary.

The class will only be held if at least 6 students are registered on the day before the first lecture! More information about the course will be made available through Blackboard. close


Student seminars based on current papers describing some of the methods discussed in 216502a, followed by a discussion of the paper and associated literature

Prof. Dr. Sutapa Chakrabarti: chakraba@zedat.fu-berlin.de close

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