216331a Lecture

SoSe 20: Glycobiology

Oren Moscovitz, Ursula Neu, Christian Roth, Daniel Varón Silva

Information for students

Powerpoint with voice-over and/or videoconference at the regular time.


The students know the basics of glycobiology and understand important progress in this multidisciplinary field of research. After completing this course, students can assess the influence of glycosylation and design strategies for solving problems in this regard. The students know common glycan structures and they can assess their occurrence and relevance. Writing a scientific summary is taught to the students. Content: Mammalian, bacterial and fungal glycans, glycosylation and glycosyltransferases, O- and N-glycosylation, glycan recognition, methods for the characterization of glycans, the role of glycans in immunology, scientific writing.

Dr. C. Rademacher: Christoph.Rademacher@mpikg.mpg.de
Dr. U. Neu: ursula.neu@mpikg.mpg.de close

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