216772a Seminar

SoSe 20: T cell/ILC Club – Immunological Basis of T Cell and ILC Functions

Andreas Radbruch, Chiara Romagnani

Information for students

The Seminars 216772a and b must be attended together


A series of scientific presentations in the frame of immunology and chronic inflammation, which will provide an overview about the experimental strategies of T cell and ILC research. The projects presented will cover the following main topics:
  • Signals driving the activation and differentiation of T cells and innate lymphoid cells (ILCs)
  • Mechanisms and niches of immune memory
  • Role of adaptive and innate immune cells in protection and chronic inflammation
  • Mouse models of inflammation

Prof. Dr. A. Radbruch: radbruch@drfz.de Dr. C. Romagnani: Romagnani@drfz.de close

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