216301 Seminar

SoSe 20: Structural Characterisation of Supramolecular Architectures by Electron Microscopical Techniques

Christoph Böttcher

Information for students

Da aus aktuellem Anlass momentan keine Präsenzlehrveranstaltungen erlaubt sind, findet diese Lehrveranstaltung vorerst nicht statt. Sie wird stattfinden, wenn Kurse, die eine Teilnahme erfordern, wieder erlaubt sind.  

This course cannot take place at the moment, as any courses that require attendance are prohibited. It will take place, when courses that require attendance are permitted again. 



  • Introduction into supramolecular chemistry and structural biology
  • Theoretical principles and practical tutorial TEM / SEM (preparation techniques, alignments, calibration, electron optics)
  • cryo-TEM methods (vitrification methods, imaging)
  • Image analysis and 3D reconstruction techniques (single particle method, tomography)
  • Visualisation of data

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