60102701 Lecture

SoSe 20: Complex Data Analysis in Physiology

Dorothee Günzel

Additional information / Pre-requisites

Joint course of the Charité Institute of Physiology (CCM) and the Institute of Clinical Physiology (CBF)

Further information at: https://klinphys.charite.de/bioinfo/




Class contents comprise theoretical and practical aspects of data acquisition, real-time data processing and automatic pattern recognition in life science.
Topics from the following areas will be addressed:
- Data recording and processing of imaging data in research and clinic (e.g. live cell imaging, super resolution microscopy, imaging methods in medicine)
- Electrophysiological techniques (e.g. impedance spectroscopy, microarrays, EEG, ECG)
- Procedures and applications of automatized pattern recognition (e.g. automatized tumor identification, real-time analysis of biological signals in brain computer interface or in retina implants, individual risk assessment for arrhythmias)


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