SoSe 20  

SoSe 20: Master's programme in Physics


The summer semester 2020 (SoSe2020) will start on April 20 and will take place in the home office via digital formats. All enrolled students - regardless of which city or country they are currently in - can participate in our Physics courses and take exams via their private PCs. Further details can be found here: close
    • Selected Topics in Physics_1 0352bA1.2
    • Advanced Quantum Mechanics 0352bA2.1
    • Advanced Statistical Physics 0352bA2.3
    • Advanced Solid State Physics 0352bA2.5
    • Theoretical Solid State Physics 0352bA3.1
    • Advanced Topics of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 0352bA3.10
    • Advanced Theoretical Biophysics 0352bA3.2
    • Modern Methods in Theoretical Physics C_1 0352bA3.23
    • Modern Methods in Theoretical Physics C_2 0352bA3.24
    • Modern Methods in Theoretical Physics C_3 0352bA3.25
    • Spectroscopy with Synchrotron Radiation 0352bA3.5
    • Photobiophysics and Photosynthesis 0352bA3.6
    • Semiconductor Physics 0352bA3.7
    • General Relativity 0352bA3.8
    • Scientific Specialization 0352bB1.1
    • Methodology and Project Planning 0352bB1.2
    • Seminar on Master's Thesis 0352bE1.2

Subjects A - Z