SoSe 20  

SoSe 20: Integrated Sciences

Wahlpflichtstudienfach Sachunterricht in Verbindung mit Naturwissenschaften

The summer semester 2020 (SoSe2020) will start on April 20 and will take place in the home office via digital formats. All enrolled students - regardless of which city or country they are currently in - can participate in our Physics courses and take exams via their private PCs. Further details can be found here: close
  • Scientific Principles of Physics

    • 20100101 Lecture
      Physik für die Grundschule 2 (Jörg Fandrich)
      Schedule: Mi 14:00-16:00, zusätzliche Termine siehe LV-Details (Class starts on: 2020-04-22)
      Location: 0.3.12 Großer Hörsaal (Arnimallee 14)
    • 20100102 Practice seminar
      Physik für die Grundschule 2 (Jörg Fandrich)
      Schedule: Mi 08:00-10:00, Mi 10:00-12:00, Mi 12:00-14:00, Mi 16:00-18:00 (Class starts on: 2020-04-22)
      Location: 1.3.48 Seminarraum T3 (Arnimallee 14)

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