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SoSe 21: Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science

Environmental Policy Planing (Studienordnung 2015)

    • (P) Introduction to Environmental Policy 0012bA1.1
    • (P) Introduction to Environmental Planning 0012bA1.2
    • (P) Environmental Policy: Theory, Methods and Projects 0012bA1.3
    • (P) Project in Environmental Planning 0012bA1.4
    • Environment, Climate and Energy Governance 0012bA2.1
    • International Environmental Policy Analysis 0012bA2.10
    • Specific questions of research 0012bA2.11
    • Economics of Climate Change 0012bA2.12
    • Economics of Climate Policy 0012bA2.13
    • Vulnerability, Resilience and Catastrophe 0012bA2.2
    • Environmental Assessment 0012bA2.3
    • Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment 0012bA2.4
    • Landscape Planning 0012bA2.5
    • Landscape Planning and Society 0012bA2.6
    • Geoinformation Systems 0012bA2.7
    • Remote Sensing in Environmental Planning 0012bA2.8
    • Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies 0012bA2.9
    • (WM) Anrechnungsmodul 1 0012bA3.1
    • (WM) Anrechnungsmodul 2 0012bA3.2
    • (WM) Anrechnungsmodul 3 0012bA3.3
    • (WM) Anrechnungsmodul 4 0012bA3.4

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