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SoSe 21: Geology

Master's programme in Geological Sciences (2012 study regulations)

    • GG001: Surface Processes and Basin Dynamics 0106cA2.1
    • GG002: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Geological Processes 0106cA2.2
    • GG004: Dynamics of the Earth 0106cA2.4
    • GG017: Stable Isotopes Geochemistry 0106cA2.5
    • GP009: Seismology I: Earthquakes and the Earth's Structure 0106cA3.2
    • HG003: Modelling in Hydrogeology I 0106cA4.1
    • HG004: Applied Hydrogeology I 0106cA4.2
    • HG006: Applied Hydrogeology III 0106cA4.4
    • P003: Facies Interpretation 0106cA5.1
    • P005: Ecosystem Dynamics in the Phanaerozoic 0106cA5.2
    • GG015: Topics in Tectonics - Specialization 0106cB1.12
    • GG016: Sedimentary Petrography and Microfacies 0106cB1.13
    • GG019: Introduction to Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry 0106cB1.16
    • GG021: Special Topics in Geochemistry 0106cB1.18
    • GG023: Stable Metal Isotopes in Earth Surface Processes and the Environment 0106cB1.20
    • GG024: Introduction to Electron Beam Microanalysis 0106cB1.21
    • GG025: Introduction to X-ray Diffractometry 0106cB1.22
    • GG026: Fieldwork in Mineralogy / Petrography 0106cB1.23
    • GG027: Fabrics and Rheology of Geological Materials 0106cB1.24
    • GG029: Synthesis and Analysis in Mineralogy 0106cB1.26
    • GG030: Analysis of Stable Isotopes 0106cB1.27
    • GG031: Meteorites and Formation of Terrestrial Planets 0106cB1.28
    • GG032: Special Petrology 0106cB1.29
    • GG013A: Practical II - Geological Mapping 0106cB1.9
    • GP001: Mathematical Principles of Geophysics 0106cB2.1
    • GP011: Special Topics in Geophysics 0106cB2.11
    • GP002: Physics of the Earth I: Physics of the Earth 0106cB2.2
    • GP004: Physics of the Earth III: Numerical Methods in Geophysics 0106cB2.4
    • GP005: Seismology I: Rock Physics of Sediments 0106cB2.5
    • GP007: Seismology III: Inversion Methods and Imaging Methods in Geophysics 0106cB2.7
    • HG001: Hydrogeological Laboratory Methods 0106cB3.1
    • HG007: Regional Hydrogeology 0106cB3.7
    • P001: Paleobiology of Invertebrates 1 0106cB4.1
    • P002: Paleobiology of Invertebrates 2 0106cB4.2
    • P004: Modern Ecosystems 0106cB4.4
    • P006: Special Topics in Paleontology 0106cB4.6
    • P007: Phylogenetic Paleontology 0106cB4.7
    • P008: Integrative Paleontology 0106cB4.8
    • P009: Stable Isotopes in (Paleontological) Environmental Research 0106cB4.9

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